International Registered Marine Insulation Inspectors

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Increases in deep water HTHP (high temperature high pressure) developments has placed greater demand on thermal insulation systems and technology. The root cause of most subsea pipeline and insulation failures can be attributed to mistakes in material selection and application. This has led within the industry to a significant demand for greater technical knowledge and understanding of thermal insulation systems and inspection regimes.

Industry places high value on protective coatings and thermal insulation as they offer first line defence against premature structure and pipeline/flowline failures. The insulation coating when integrated with the protective coating system can offer excellent resistance to chemical attack as well as environmental conditions. However the prime reason for the insulation is to inhibit hydrate or wax formation within the pipe or flowline. Protective coatings extend the service life of structures and equipment and prevent degradation and when combined with insulation increase the resistance to thermal and chemical damage.

Technological advances and industry failures mean there is urgent need for a common, independent and recognised form of training and certification for subsea thermal insulation. The International Registered Marine Insulation Inspectors course, (or IRMII for short) is designed to teach and give engineers and inspectors maximum technical knowledge of advanced thermal insulation systems and inspection regimes.

There was no recognised qualification or career path for subsea insulation inspectors. In close collaboration with specialist industry partners and associates, the International Registered Marine Insulation Inspectors (IRMII) training course was developed with accreditation made by the International Institute of Marine Surveying.