Here are the industry experts who have developed the unique International Registered Marine Insulation Inspectors course and education programme.

Joe-DuncanJoe Duncan entered the pipeline coating industry through a small specialist elastomer company and was primarily involved in splashzone protection. Joe’s materials knowledge and expertise diversified the company into flowline coatings and subsequently into wet insulation systems. He devised the first reelable insulation system, the innovative reelable anode system and was instrumental in the first SPS insulation developments. Following from these areas came the development of compatible field joint systems including injection moulding of PP.

Over the past thirty years, Joe has become recognised as a leading and industry authority in subsea insulation technology and application. Recently, Joe has been instrumental in testing and selecting insulation systems going to higher design temperatures and pressures and developing application methods for newly developed epoxy resin and signature mercury free polyurethane systems.

Andrew Blake has been employed in the engineering industry for over 35 years and obtained extensive knowledge of many aspects of the engineering and inspection industries. He has worked in construction yards and on sites across the world since 1980, covering items from gathering stations, process facilities, topside facilities to jacket fabrication, structural fabrication, ship repair, pipelines, ASME U stamped vessels, piping (carbon and exotics) construction of onshore facilities, tank construction and refurbishment.

Experienced with the requirements for documenting the fabrication, coating, wet and dry thermal insulation and testing of top side and subsea production systems. Andrew is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Quality Institute.

Peter Morgan has over 38 years experience in the field of protective coatings, coating inspection and coating failure analysis, having undertaken projects in 73 countries. He has acted as an expert witness and given evidence in various courts including the International Court of Arbitration at Geneva, Cairo, Paris and the LMAA. He has undertaken the role of adjudicator in a dispute between a shipyard, owner and manufacturer of high performance coatings on a super yacht. Peter’s specialist areas are marine coatings, pipeline coatings and coating failures.

He has co-authored a number of successful textbooks, is a member of a several ISO committees, has chaired the expert committee on the restoration of the historic SS Great Britain and is one of the first instructors of the NACE CIP Inspector programme, launched in the late 1970’s.

Mark Milson offers over 12 years experience of specific coatings and insulation systems, inspection, quality assurance and control (QA&C), HSE, project management and leadership. Mark is a Level II ICORR Pipeline Coating Inspector with in-depth knowledge and expertise in insulation materials and application procedures on a wide range of subsea assemblies. Mark is skilled in application, and inspection, of various types of coatings and mechanical assembly activities and proactively identifying and resolving specific problem areas whilst addressing coating failures.

Mark has experience inspecting thermal coating applications in compliance with engineering specifications while monitoring acceptance of subsea riser mechanical dressing activities, predominantly across global oil and gas construction sites and factory conditions.